Wall wallpaper can be an interesting choice to create a new atmosphere in your home.

In the era of the covid-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to limit various activities outside the home except for some purposes such as buying various food needs and other important needs.

For those of you who are used to doing activities outside the home, suggestions for staying at home will certainly make you bored easily.

To keep your mood happy while at home, here is a list of things you should do so you don’t get bored easily.Activities While At Home :

Reading Books / Comics

Before COVID-19, maybe you were busy with various activities outside the home so there was no time to channel your hobby of reading.

You can make the most of your time at home by reading your favorite book or comic.

Gathering with family

One of the lessons that can be learned from this pandemic is that we can spend more time with family at home.

Previously we were too busy with each other’s activities so there was very little time to chat with family at home.

So, make the most of your quality time by making various activities with your family at home.

Developing Hobbies

To get rid of boredom while at home, of course you schedule various new activities that you have never done before.

Such as cooking or baking, drawing, writing to farming.

From this activity you can find and develop your new hobby.


In order for the body to stay healthy, exercise is a necessity. However, because of the many activities we sometimes tend to be lazy and skip sports.

While at home, you can start doing useful activities such as sports by following tutorials on the internet.


During the pandemic, many seminars were held online with various interesting topics.

You can take webinars to stay abreast of scientific developments in your field.

Home Decoration

While at home, of course we need a comfortable atmosphere so we don’t get bored easily.

One thing you can do to stay comfortable at home is to decorate your home so that the atmosphere of the house is not like that.

You can change the layout of pre-existing items so that the atmosphere looks different and fresher.

If necessary, you can change the appearance of your home a little by adding wallpaper.

Home Wall Decor Wallpaper

In addition to murals, one option that you can choose for your home wall decor so it doesn’t look ordinary is wallpaper.

The use of wallpaper can be adjusted to the taste and concept of your home.

Wallpaper is the right solution for those of you who want an aesthetically pleasing home with a low budget.

In addition, the use of wallpaper is of course space-friendly. You don’t need to reduce existing items.

You can simply use a plain wall as a medium for applying wallpaper so that the scenery in your home is not monotonous.

Wallpaper Reference For Home Wall Decoration

If you are interested in changing the atmosphere of your home by adding wallpaper to your walls, here are some wallpaper references that might suit your taste.

Wallpaper For Bedroom

The room is a place where you rest and recover after a day’s activities. In order for your rest to be of quality, of course, you need a comfortable room atmosphere. Here are some examples of wallpaper for your bedroom.

bedroom home wallpaper

Chinoiserie Bedroom Wallpaper

The choice of natural colors does give the impression of serenity. As in the wallpaper above, using earth colors with floral designs with vines along with some birds perching, of course, not only makes your room more aesthetic but also gives a comfortable impression.

Elegant Bedroom Wallpaper

The use of a bone white background that is in harmony with the furniture used makes your bedroom look harmonious and elegant. Floral designs with varied colors are complemented by several birds and butterflies to make your room look alive and not boring, of course.

Wall Wallpaper For Living Room / Family Room

The living room is like the “face”, the first room that guests or relatives who stop by at our house will see. As a host, of course, you want those who come to your home to feel comfortable.

While the family room is a place where you and your family spend time chatting, of course the family room must look warm and comfortable.

One of the ways to create comfort in the house is to create a beautiful, comfortable but not excessive interior. Here are some examples of wallpaper for the living room and family room.

For those of you who have a minimalist home concept, this wallpaper is perfect for your living room. The choice of unobtrusive colors on this wallpaper creates a simple and elegant impression. The design of this wallpaper image presents a faint view of the river with flower branches and several birds on it giving a warm impression to this room.

For those of you who have a monochrome house concept, this wallpaper is for you. The use of colors that are not dark and not too bright is the point of view in this room. The use of this wallpaper can eliminate the monotony of white and black on the walls and floors.

Blue Wall Wallpaper

For those of you who like the color blue, you can try the wallpaper above to be applied to the walls of your home. The blue color on the leaves gives a cool but still sweet impression with a combination of pink and orange flowers.

Dining Room Wallpaper

Not only rooms, living rooms and family rooms, the dining room also needs a beautiful interior so that the appetite becomes good. Especially for those of you who really pay attention to the aesthetics of the room. Here is a wallpaper reference for the dining room.

By applying this chinoiserie-themed wallpaper, your dining room becomes more lively and certainly looks harmonious with other interior decorations.

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