Minimalist living room is the first room that someone usually sees when entering a house. The living room must be decorated properly. So that the living room looks elegant, you can use a simple minimalist interior style. Because it is simple, you might think that decorating in a minimalist style is very easy. Yes, but decorating the living room in a minimalist style also requires care so that the final appearance of the living room looks neat and charming. The following are some easy tips for decorating a comfortable minimalist living room:

Minimalist Living Room

Use light paint colors

The minimalist living room is a relatively small room in a house, so you need to make it seem more spacious and spacious to feel comfortable. One way you can do this is to paint the walls with light colors. You can use your favorite colors for the living room, but you should choose colors that seem neutral, such as white, light gray, and beige so that they can be easily combined with other colors.

Use a sofa that is the right size

The sofa is one of the main pieces of furniture or furniture in the living room. Therefore, choose a sofa with a design and size that fits the living room area. If your living room is relatively small, avoid using a sofa with a design and size that is too large so that the living room does not look smaller. Instead, use a sofa with a simple design to give a minimalist impression to the living room.

Maximize the decoration on the wall

Try to maximize the empty area on the living room wall with a variety of decorations or wall decorations. You can install framed photos or pictures, shelves to display decorations, large mirrors, wall clocks with unique designs, to cool wall lights. Use decorations or wall hangings that can highlight your taste and personality.

Use multi functional furniture

A living room filled with too much furniture can feel cramped and cramped, making it uncomfortable. The solution, you can use multifunctional furniture with a minimalist design to save space in the living room. Nowadays, you can find a lot of multifunctional furniture to complement your home decor. For example, there are bookshelves that can be used as room partitions or chairs and tables that have storage underneath. Choose multi functional furniture that suits your needs so that it can function optimally.

Optimize lighting

Lighting is one of the important factors that can make the living room feel more spacious and comfortable. So, make sure the lighting in your living room is optimal. In addition to utilizing natural lighting from the window, you can use various types of lights in the living room. If you want, use wall lamps and table lamps at the same time to create beautiful and attractive lighting.

Use ornamental plants as a refresher

If you like caring for ornamental plants, it never hurts to use your favorite ornamental plants as decorations in the living room. The use of ornamental plants in the living room can give the impression of being cool and fresh, making it comfortable for anyone who is in it. If you find it difficult to take care of houseplants, just use artificial plants or fake plants for the same fresh and comfortable effect.

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