To get a beautiful home interior, it’s not just the selection of furniture that can be used, because besides that you can also decorate the room with wall paintings or various accessories that can make the appearance more attractive.

Usually to get a suitable home interior design, whether the house uses a minimalist, modern, or classic concept with a little vintage touch. Then you adjust what wall decorations are appropriate, so that there is harmonization created in the room.

A wall painting for example, you can add a unique or even simple wall painting to make your room look more alive.

In addition, wall paintings are more than just complementary decorations and interior sweeteners but can also give their own meaning that can build character, the atmosphere of the room.

Wall painting as a room sweetener you can place in any room you like, from the living room, family room, bedroom, reading room, or kitchen.

The following are painting references to sweeten your room from various styles.

Wall painting for living room

The living room is the face of a house. In the living room there is a lot of interaction going on whether it’s entertaining guests who are formal, or just friends and relatives.

With this function, of course you want to make a good impression when they visit your house. In addition, you also want to create a comfortable atmosphere so that someone feels at home in your living room.

Wall painting might be the right choice for you to decorate your living room wall. This painting has extraordinary artistic power that can bewitch the eyes of visitors to the house.

So here are some wall paintings that can sweeten your living room.

Abstract Wall Painting

This living room painting looks relaxed, with the mix and match colors of white, blue and black successfully making anyone who visits this room feel comfortable and at home.

In addition, the two paintings on the walls, which are dominantly blue, make the room feel alive and also match the relaxed and calm impression that you want to convey.

The use of blue on the pillows further unifies the blue shades that give the impression of peace.

Wall Painting in industrial living room

This industrial living room was created with elements of white, red and dark blue. Do not forget the floor carpet with a classic black and white patterned theme, other classic chairs also give a unique impression

The classic atmosphere is felt in some of the wall paintings that are arranged with the right composition, some small and large paintings are arranged well so that from some paintings a beautiful shape is created.

As for another classic painting, it looks like a man with a classical style. All the items in this room look blended and match the atmosphere you want to create.

Fantasy Wall Painting

The white theme in this room gives a clean and tidy impression. Natural style also wants to be given by placing flowers in pots filled with water to make the atmosphere more calm and comfortable.

Don’t want to spoil the comfortable atmosphere of the room, you can use framed paintings with abstract paintings but form a message, like the one in the picture.

Hand painting with various color gradations gives the impression of hard work, then someone who is thinking, and books become a source of knowledge that makes us reach our dreams. Everything seems to fit and very harmonious.

Beautiful wall painting in the living room

A living room with a yellow sofa, makes the room look bright, cheerful and uplifting. With a black and white blaster floor and various additional sofa cushions, this room looks lively.

With a crowded room, a painting like the one in the picture can make your room look beautiful. By telling a unique story, people are cycling with a flower. The flower that was brought itself as well as another painting that also brought an item.

This painting becomes a unified theme that can beautify your walls.

Cute animal themed mural

This room looks comfortable, with a mix of calm and simple colors. There is no furniture that makes this room crowded, very simple.

With a room like this, animal-themed paintings are very funny if placed on your living room wall, making it more funny and of course giving the atmosphere a more lively atmosphere.

Natural living room abstract wall painting

The color of the interior of the house that is often chosen is white paint, because white conveys the impression of being clean, neat and natural.

Likewise with the following living room which displays a natural impression, don’t forget also the floor with a wood theme that makes the natural feel more pronounced.

For a living room like this, you can play with brighter colors on your wall decoration, such as abstract paintings with red accents that liven up a bold atmosphere in a neutral living room concept.

Natural tree wall painting

A comfortable living room of course everyone wants to create. But the placement of the right furniture also affects.

In addition, wall decorations and decorations also provide its own atmosphere. Like the painting with the existing tree theme and the colors played are very neutral, making the atmosphere in this room calm.

All combinations look right with the blue sofa cushions.

Everything looks neatly arranged according to the portion, so it doesn’t look crowded and messy, the weaving of this room wants to make visitors to the house comfortable.

Abstract wall painting in limited space

This time the room looks full. This is because the room is not so spacious, coupled with a sofa with a fairly large size. So that the placement of planting cabinets is also very appropriate for a narrow space.

With a space that is not so wide, it is very fitting if you only have one wall painting to sweeten the room and keep the atmosphere comfortable. You don’t need a lot of wall decorations, because it will make the impression of being crowded and uncomfortable.

Facial expression wall painting in elegant living room

The interior of the house with dark colors makes the room look gloomy. So it must be supported by proper lighting. In addition, do not have too much furniture that will make the atmosphere look unsightly.

A living room with a style like this gives an elegant impression. As in the picture, the atmosphere looks elegant, so the paintings are chosen very carefully, namely displaying various facial expressions.

Geometric Wall Painting

The more natural color of the room makes it easier for the owner to decorate the room, not only that, some rooms are deliberately made to convey a relaxed impression.

Paintings that can beautify are chosen with geometric nuances, but with calm colors so that they still give a comfortable impression to anyone in the room.

Farm Wall Painting

White is a basic color that is suitable to be mixed and matched with any color. This time, with a combination of yellow sofas making the room look alive, the color of the black carpet also makes the room less neutral.

This living room still looks clean and tidy because there is no furniture at all. So the painting was chosen to sweeten the room so it is not too empty.

The color also looks in line with the sofa, namely there are yellow fields and black gradations of the sky. make this room more beautiful with existing wall paintings.

Wall Paintings For Living Room

The family room, as the name suggests, the family room is a place where all the residents of the house gather and mingle.

A place for people at home to relax, unwind at home. Or it can also be used as a place to chat with relatives more casually. Or another option is a place to watch tv, movies and read newspapers.

This area is semi-private which is not intended for formal guests, usually the guest has come to the house several times before being able to be in this area. So not only family or relatives, guests can also be in this area.

Thus, the interior for this space is as important as any other room. A relaxed atmosphere usually wants to be created by homeowners to make residents and visitors feel at home in this area.

The atmosphere can be supported by home decorations, such as paintings as decorations to make the family room look sweet and also liven up the atmosphere you want.

This is a reference for your interesting living room.

As well as a sketch of a man’s face with a frame that looks sweet to look at.

Colorful wall painting in elegant living room

For living rooms with dark wall colors and the selection of concepts with dark colors, the lighting should be bigger. This will give a less gloomy impression.

The navy blue and silver colors combined make this room look elegant, with enough space, the furniture is neatly arranged. This room is only given two sweetener paintings with opposite colors in order to liven up the atmosphere of this room.

The existing paintings give the impression of high art, the colors yellow, red and orange give the impression of a more lively room with the two existing paintings.

Abstract wall painting

This room is designed to relax, there is a small round sofa that can be used to support your legs to stretch out and relax.

The color of the walls is white which is very harmonious with the paintings on the walls. The colors chosen were red, orange, brown and yellow, all blended into one. This color revives the atmosphere of the relaxing room to make it more fun.

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