How to Organize Kitchen Equipment to be Neat

The kitchen is one of the rooms that must exist in various types of homes. Starting from home furnishings to kitchen equipment must be clean. The size of a kitchen is not the main problem, but cleanliness is the most important factor. Because what underlies the characteristics of a healthy home is cleanliness. How to organize a house starts with compiling home appliances. Because it is often used, sometimes the kitchen will always be dirty even though it has been cleaned many times. Here’s how to organize kitchen equipment to keep it tidy:

Kitchen Equipment

Utilize wall sections

It would be better if all kitchen equipment was not placed in hidden places such as drawers or cupboards. Especially items that are frequently used. For that, you can use your home kitchen wall to make a kind of hanger using nails. You can put rags, glasses, trays, spatulas and the like so that tools can be easier to find.

Arrange by priority

Even though there are many kitchen utensils at home, in fact not all of these equipment will be used every day. For this reason, of course, the priority scale is which equipment is most often and commonly used. Place these items in areas that are easy to find. Like cooking tools, it is not recommended to be stored in the lower cupboard. Placement of hidden items is prioritized for kitchen tools that are rarely used every day.

Using the empty space under the dishwasher

If you live in a small and simple house like a simple minimalist house, of course, the placement of the space must be considered carefully because the amount of space you have is limited. For that, you have to find an empty gap that can be exploited. One of the spaces that you can use in the kitchen is the empty space under the dishwasher area. You can turn this space into a basin or pan storage space. Alternatively, you can also put some cleaning products and household cleaning tools.

Use high shelves

Another space utilization that you can do to organize your kitchen is to use high shelves. High shelves have the advantage of having more storage capacity. In addition, you can also combine the paint colors of these wall shelves with beautiful and cool house paint colors so that the appearance is more attractive. You can also choose white which is often used in Scandinavian home models and as a way to turn an ordinary house into a luxurious one.

Make use of the basket

To make your kitchen look tidier, you can use baskets. By utilizing baskets as creative and economical new shelves. That way your kitchen will look more unique and most importantly stay tidy. Because kitchen utensils don’t pile up at one point and don’t take up space in your kitchen.