Many people want to make the garage have a function as a place to store vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. The garage is often the part of the house that is not organized. It also functions as a warehouse for storing goods. This of course can cause the garage to look cramped and messy. If you use the garage as an impromptu warehouse to store unused tools, then you need to listen to this article. Besides convenience, an untidy garage will damage the things stored in it. Here are some ways to help you make the garage more efficiently.

Make The Garage

Regular Cleaning

Remove the trash, and clean up the existing dirt. If the paint looks dull, you can repaint the walls so they look fresher and more attractive. To keep your garage clean, you need to schedule regular cleanings. Set a time to clean at least once a week. Also, for convenience, place the trash can close the door so that you can dispose of trash more easily. Stored items also need to be neatly arranged so that dust and dirt are easier to clean.


Create zoning divisions for more effective storage. With the division of zones, systems and circulation in the garage will be well organized. You can divide the zones based on the use of items and the frequency of use. Item size can also be a criterion, place large items with items of the same size. With this, you can ensure that your stored items are well organized. In addition, you can take advantage ceiling by creating partitions for storage.

Storage Rack

Storage shelves are an important element in the garage arrangement system. Use shelves that can store a variety of items as needed, and store items on shelves based on category. The use of storage shelves will help you to keep the items stored clean. Install wall shelves to store tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, hoses, and so on. With this, you can also make more effective use of the available vertical space.

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