Dream House Designs, Complete with Plans

1. Wallpaper

If you feel like your living room design is outdated or out of date, there are a number of basic techniques for drawing on walls. Creative painting on the walls makes your living room fresher by highlighting your taste.

For a more dramatic impact, let your walls take the feel of another place by adding a mural. Painting the motif by hand will make a big impact. But if you want it easier, you can buy wall stickers of various kinds of motifs that are practical and directly pasted.

2. Wall Display

Empty walls can indeed be difficult to overcome. Apart from pouring your creativity into drawing on the walls, why not try buying some art and displaying it? Even if you already have a collection, you don’t need to buy it but just take it out of storage. Highlighting your art collection can be done to beautify these empty spaces.

The easiest way to decorate the walls of a room is probably to draw some motifs directly on the walls. The material is enough brush and wall paint. You can also adjust the motifs to your taste. There are at least ten basic motifs that can be drawn on the wall that are no less aesthetically pleasing. But do not rule out you can also develop it with other designs. Here are some recommendations!

Wallpaper: Animals

Do you like natural things? Try pouring it into the living room with animal designs. Perhaps the most beautiful are the butterflies and birds. This picture is perfect for those of you who have a house painted blue and green.

Wallpaper: Nature Landscape

The wall picture of a tree with small leaves at each end of the branch is certainly beautiful, right? Don’t forget to add some birds around it too. Shades of shady forest are suitable for relaxing the atmosphere of your living room.

Wallpaper: Geometry

Colorful geometric patterns will still look aesthetic and attractive if you can arrange them well. In addition, regular and colorful geometric patterns make the previously quiet living room look more cheerful.

Wallpaper: Calligraphy

Islamic nuanced house decoration is quite good if it is raised to present a thick feel in the holy month. One idea that can be applied is to add calligraphy wall decorations to the living room.

Wallpaper: Family Photos

Another creative idea that you can try is to combine wall decorations with photo displays in your living room. Wall pictures can be made to resemble photo frames. Just make a square image then paste the photo inside the square. To make it brighter, use colorful paints.

Wall Pictures: Batik Fabric Elements

Bringing local work to your home? How can you use the wall space of each house with a batik motif. Your living room is also the main focus so that it looks attractive.

Many benefits are obtained by installing wall hangings in the living room. Not only as a home decoration, but also can make the house feel more comfortable. Are you looking for a house with residential facilities that make you feel at home and comfortable to live in? Check out the selection of houses in the Bintaro area for under Rp. 1 billion here!

3.Living Room Wall Decoration Inspirations with Wall Displays

Looking for living room wall decoration ideas to refresh an area in your home? If you’re ready to turn that lonely blank wall into a stylish centerpiece, there are a number of tricks to amplify the look of the walls in your living room and highlight your personality and taste, according to Architectural Digest.

Use Large Size Paintings

A large painting or photo will grab attention and liven up your small living room. You can start with black-and-white photos in a minimalist space or add color with vibrant abstract works.

Create a Gallery Wall: Interested in trying to create a gallery wall? Display a collection of artwork or photos, or add living room wall hangings and other ephemeras. Choose a simple and cohesive frame or bring in a variety of embellishments to get it all together! If necessary, extend the gallery walls to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

Use Shelves: If you’re running out of floor space for bookshelves, take the collection to the wall. Install floating shelves and display hard covers, figurines, and other oddball items.

Hanging Mirror: Mirrors reflect light, helping small spaces feel bigger and brighter. Try hanging a large mirror, or display some small salon-style pieces.

Display Plates: Why hide porcelain plates when you can show them off?

Plant Decorations: Try hanging plants or wall-mounted ones for a natural feel.

1. Wall Displays: Motivational Words

Motivational and inspirational writing patterns on the wall can be a cool and interesting decoration. The writing can be arranged in such a way as to produce a charming form. Coupled with marine decorations and glass.

2. Wall Displays: Children’s Art

Collage crafts are easy to make and inexpensive materials. Just use a pattern of paper and scissors, after that you can make it as a wall decoration. Natural and still charming, right?

3. Wall Display: Knitting Painting

If you’re a fan of the bohemian style, you can add pattern and texture to your space and bring out a vintage-inspired element through knitting embellishments.

4. Wall Display: Minimalist Wall Shelf

Floating shelves are definitely an option that will liven up the living room area in addition to making it more stylish. Added with vintage knick-knacks on the shelves will bring a blank wall to life.

5. Wall Display: Motif Plate

Who says plates can only be used for eating? If you have a collection of antique plates with various beautiful motifs, you can use them as a unique and interesting wall decoration. That way the walls of the room become more eye catching. Not only plates, spoons can also be used as unique wall decorations. You only need to paint certain parts of the spoon, wait for it to dry, then arrange and stick the spoon on the wall.

6. Wall Display: Hexagonal Glass

Hexagonal glass decoration is perfect for those of you who want to beautify your minimalist living room. Its hexagonal shape brings peace, harmony and romance, as well as being the best choice for living room wall decoration.